Vegan Diets

A Bright Clean Mind: Veganism for Creative Transformation

#1 New Release in Art Instruction ― Explore the Connection Between Diet and CreativityIf you liked Brain Food, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself or Grain Brain, you’ll love A Bright Clean Mind.Vegan Food is Everywhere: When people ask how author and certified vegan lifestyle coach Camille DeAngelis feels satisfied on a vegan diet, she thinks of the moment in James and the Giant …

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Green Kickstarts!: Metabolism Boosters for Detox and Weight Loss

Kickstart your happier, healthier life with 80 plant-based recipes and meal plans! These four detailed detox plans emphasize a nourishing, low-carb, plant-based diet paired with intermittent fasting to seriously kickstart your metabolism and cleanse your entire system—allowing your body a complete reset and boosting your weight loss and long-term health changes. You’ll learn to make delicious recipes that …

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Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting: A Beginners Guide for Men & Women to Mastery the Science of the Longevity Diet; Discover his Benefits in the Ketogenic & Vegan Meal and Enjoy Your Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off, permanently?Have you tried all the fad diets that exist and still cannot shift those excess pounds?Is it time for a radical rethink of your plans?Millions of people want to lose weight, regain their once trim figures and become healthier, happier and more confident. The problem is that there …

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The Plan A Diet: Combining Whole Food, Plant Based Nutrition with the Timeless Wisdom of Scripture

Finally, a gimmick-free plan for those who are nutritionally confused, suffer with declining health, or flit from one failed diet plan to another. The “Plan A” Diet provides readers with effective, proven strategies to achieve normal weight and regain lost health – without relying on calorie counting, food restriction, or willpower. Combining her decades-long study of both nutrition and …

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