God’s Diet: A Short & Simple Way to Eat Naturally, Lose Weight, and Live a Healthier Life

Finally, the end to fad diets! Learn the absolute way to sustained weight loss by adopting a complete, delicious, natural diet.We've all tried the impossible-to-maintain trendy diets that often deliver immediate results only to backfire the moment our vigilance wanes. God's Diet is the only diet you'll ever need. And once you become accustomed to healthy eating, this "diet" will simply become your new lifestyle. There are no annoying calculations, no food exchanges—no fall-off-the-wagon syndrome. Dr. Gault-McNemee teaches you:• How to trim down and improve your health and energy effortlessly • That everything you need to lose weight is at your local grocery store—no pills, powders, or shakes • How to get in the habit of choosing natural, wholesome food over gimmicky "diet" food, fast food, and food full of sugar and additives• That weight loss can be a straightforward, successful, and lasting process God's Diet is the solution to chronic dieting because it relies on the simplest, most tried-and-true food path to health and healthy eating—one our society has chosen to ignore for decades. Just remember, if God didn't make it, don't eat it!

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