Green Kickstarts!: Metabolism Boosters for Detox and Weight Loss

Kickstart your happier, healthier life with 80 plant-based recipes and meal plans! These four detailed detox plans emphasize a nourishing, low-carb, plant-based diet paired with intermittent fasting to seriously kickstart your metabolism and cleanse your entire system—allowing your body a complete reset and boosting your weight loss and long-term health changes. You'll learn to make delicious recipes that keep you full for longer, utilizing tons of fresh ingredients including broccoli, eggplant, greens (lots of greens!), carrots, kale, apples, fresh herbs, nuts, seeds, berries, onions, garlic, beets, peppers, olives, and more!  Would you like to eat greener food while at the same time giving weight loss and health a good kickstart? You can choose between four different programs offered: Detox, Vegetarian, Raw Vegan, and Juicing. Or, why not test several of them to see which one suits you best? Here are Ulrika Davidsson's greenest kickstarts, with accompanying meal schedules and more than 80 fresh recipes. Detox Kickstart (2 weeks) is well worth a try if you need to cleanse your body and give it a real reboot.Vegetarian Kickstart (2 weeks) is a good choice for those of you who are curious about low-carbohydrate vegetarian foods—and how this might change your body.Raw Vegan Kickstart (1 week) will suit those of you who’d like to see what a raw food and vegan lifestyle might do for your weight and health.Juicing Kickstart (1 week) is good for those who wish to cleanse their body, lose excess weight, and feel more energetic.

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