A Women’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting: How I Dropped 30 Pounds And How You Can Do It Too!

Are you tired of counting calories and feeling the guilt of what you ate all day?Have you tried every diet and exercise program but are ready to give up because you just aren’t seeing the results?Or have you tried intermittent fasting, but haven’t felt the results like everyone else?If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we get it. This guide will change that.Intermittent fasting (IF) has taken the wellness world by storm.But is it a fad?Research has taught us that it is more than a fad, especially if you’re looking for the missing piece to your weight loss problem.But did you know that women and men find success with IF differently?Women have different hormonal, caloric, and metabolic needs than men, so altering caloric intake needs to be treated accordingly.More than buzzwords and false promises, this guide is based on scientific studies to help women improve their energy, metabolism, and overall well-being.And without religiously counting calories or signing up for yet another rigorous exercise program, while still keeping the weight off.In the 2007 study “Sex-dependent metabolic, neuroendocrine, and cognitive responses to dietary energy restriction and excess,” published in Endocrinology, Martin B. et al. explored the key differences between women and men when it comes to fasting.They found that with different anatomies, they cannot follow the same schedule or plan and get the same results.Their work, among others’ referenced in this guide, is the basis for sharing the safest and most effective way for women to use IF.With this guide, you’ll find:Practical tips for how to manage fasting, cravings, and indulgences so you can stick with IF to see actual results!The absolute worst things you are doing right now that are stopping you from losing weightUnique considerations for women trying intermittent fasting (do not blindly follow what men are doing if you want to see major results!)The fastest way to lose weight and feel great by maximizing your IFAmazing weight loss hacks that will have you feeling years younger and fitting back into your favorite “little black dress!”A 10-day sample routine - designed for women - to ease your body into fastingHow IF improves more than just your physical health (we know it sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t!)Why it will take you a lot longer to lose your extra weight if you don’t use these five tricks!Fasting is not starvation, and you do not need to feel miserable to be healthy.This guide helps you ease into IF and protects you from the pitfalls, because change is hard, especially when so many other diets and “solutions” have failed you.With a trusted, reliable guide, you too can discover the missing piece to the weight loss program. Join us and click “Add to Cart” right now!

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