DISRUPTIVE LIFE STRATEGY: 28 Days to Confidence & Success

Do you want to Lose Weight? Break a Habit? Make more Money? Improve your Intimate Relationships? Feel more Optimistic about your life? Be the best version of yourself? Do you feel like you've tried everything? You need a Disruptive Strategy! This 28 Day Challenge is the answer to becoming the best version of yourself. Take the challenge! This book is your one-on-one personal trainer and experienced wealth coach. It is 24 hour fitness rolled with personal life coaching. This Simple Step-by-Step guide will help you improve your life in areas including everything from physical health & fitness to true wealth in both your personal and professional lives. The challenge is not only simple- it is easy. Follow me closely for the next 28 days and I will prove it. Then spread the word! You'll help others which will come back around and you'll help me sell a truckload of books on Amazon!

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