The Complete New Fat Flush Companion Series

Obtain lasting wellness and reach your weight loss goals with this supercharged three-book diet and detox companion set to the world famous Fat Flush Plan.For more than two decades, millions of people have relied on the Fat Flush Plan to lose weight, detox, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. The groundbreaking program is the only diet regime that targets the hidden cause of weight loss resistance while supporting the liver, nourishing the gallbladder, cleansing the lymph, and helping to eliminate the appearance of cellulite for good.The Complete New Fat Flush Plan Companion Series provides a comprehensive array of actionable ways to recover your health whether you are overweight or are suffering from symptoms of autoimmunity.  Reflecting the newly revised Fat Flush protocols, this three-book set presents the latest information reflecting emerging trends and promising research on the importance of healthy “smart fats,” thyroid and adrenal recovery and so much more. You’ll find evidence-based detox and diet strategies for weight loss, as well as facts on the hormonal and metabolic impact of foods, liver cleansing, and overall health.  The Complete Fat Flush Companion Series includes:   The New Fat Flush Plan Cookbook― Packed with over 200 family-friendly recipes, this updated edition is based on deliciously simple meals with wholesome ingredients, flavored with unique fat-burning and cleansing herbs and spices. The New Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide―Includes refreshed shopping lists featuring brand names and added gratitude lists that reflect the key nutritional themes which have shifted the way we think about health.  The New Fat Flush Foods―Includes fascinating new insights on Fat Flush superfoods like avocado, chia, hemp, shirataki noodles, quinoa, coconut oil, MCT oil, tigernut flour, as well as familiar comfort foods like good ole fashioned oatmeal.

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