Veganism for Everyone – Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Healthy Vegan

The topic of veganism has become a hot one in the last years. I see that as a major increase in people’s awareness regarding the consumption of meat and the waste of natural resources. Also, many agree that veganism comes to offer a viable alternative lifestyle with great benefits for health. This book comes as a response to a growing concern on what we eat and what we, people, consume. Nevertheless, animals should not be on the list. The content of the book is thematic, focusing on several aspects, such as: • A historical timeline on how veganism appeared, and who were and still are their promoters; • An extended list of benefits that you will definitely enjoy when you go vegan; • A step by step guide to becoming vegan; in this section I also put recommendation from my personal experience; • An overview of the basic principles that are helpful in guiding you towards and through being vegan; • A section explaining how honey, milk and eggs are not the ingredients of a good cake, but the components that you need to take out of your diet once you become vegan; • A lot of questions answered, for a quick search on the topic; • A series of quick facts and keywords explained; The book is designed in such a way that you can search the exact topic that you are interested in, or you can go step by step and explore every section. May you be a happy vegan!

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