Plant Based Vegan: Instant Cookbook Top 50 Tastiest Vegan Recipes for the Healthiest Lifestyle (plant based cookbook, vegan instant cookbook, plant based diet, vegetarian recipes,

Going Vegan is one of the best life switches myself, and millions of others across the world have made. Along my journey I have experienced 30+ pounds of weight loss and have come to a much healthier body. Ranging from the increased mental clarity and a new energetic attitude that going vegan has equipped me with, it seems that I’ve made a prosperous choice. There is lots of evidence that Vegan diets aid in weight loss more efficiently that non vegan diets, and even vegetarian diets (and yes, in lightning time). Even further, vegan diets have been talked about as a cure to cancer, there of course is no cure to cancer however eating vegan can drastically reduce the risk of cancer development. A diet high in fruits and vegetables along with vegan protein (i.e. a vegan diet) leads to lower BMI (body mass index). I bring to you some of the most amazing plant based vegan recipes out there that have helped me accomplish and enjoy a much better lifestyle.

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