Vegan on a Budget: Making Veganism an Affordable Lifestyle

Being on a budget can be easy if you are vegan, but Vegan on a Budget offers some tips you should be aware of to save the most money possible. When it comes down to it, plant-foods are almost always cheaper than animal foods, not to mention kinder to your body and the planet. However, many upscale stores will have you believing that healthy foods should be expensive, and you can find yourself going way over budget in no time. To prevent that from happening to you, Vegan on a Budget shares money-saving tips that even the practiced vegans do every day. It is pretty simple to stick to your budget if you follow these tips, and you may even have plenty of leftover food at the end of the week as a bonus. Vegan on a Budget makes veganism an affordable lifestyle. It explains what veganism is, how to shop for the proper foods and save money too. You'll learn what you can eat on a vegan diet, and what to avoid, all while getting sufficient nourishment. Eat healthfully and save money, too!

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