5:2 Diet: An Amazing Diet for Rapid Weight Loss to Enhance Your Health (Salad Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Low Carb Recipes; Weight Loss Books)

We all know the Hippocrates belief “Your food is your first medicine", and it’s definitely a true statement that is repeated for more than two thousand years. The modern way of life brought us lots of benefits but in the same time, our nutritional habits became worse than ever. Processed food, numerous added ingredients in almost all food products, unfortunately, took its price – our health. So, what can we do to retain our well-being? The Internet is flooded with a number of diets, books, articles about special kinds of diets and all of them promise wonders in a just a few days. So, why is this particular diet I want to present you different from others? First of all, this diet was created by two scientists, Dr. Michelle Harvie, nutrition specialist, and Dr. Tony Howell, oncologist, and it is intended for all those who love and enjoy every bite and still look good – without a pound of extra weight. Diet 5:2 did not result from unverified theory, but it is a result of scientific research that started in 2006 at the Institute Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention in Manchester, UK. In this book, you will find everything that you need to know about 5:2 diet. Firstly, you need to know that with fasting of just 2 days weekly you will not just achieve your weight goal but you will also boost your immune system, keeping insulin levels in balance in your bloodstream, speed up metabolism and above all this, this diet will preserve all your muscle and help you lose the fat around your belly. Fasting as a temporary or permanent waiver of certain food habit is present in various forms, in all religions, and throughout the history of mankind from prehistory time. Many kinds of fasting are present nowadays and had been held in the various religions before Christianity. Greek writer Herodotus (known as the father of history) stated that even ancient Egyptians fasted once a month to preserve health and youth. A book called “Basic principles of medical science” that dates back to the fourth century BC, Tibet, contains a special chapter dedicated to link and treatment between food and fasting.

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