The Thrive Diet, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Plant-Based Whole Foods Way to Staying Healthy for Life

The tenth anniversary edition of the international bestseller The Thrive Diet--a plant-based diet followed and adored by millions of fansRegarded as one of the world's leading authorities on plant-based performance nutrition, Brazier's easy-to-follow diet will help you understand why some foods create nutritional stress and how other foods can eliminate it, give you a lean body, sharp mind, and everlasting energy.     The Thrive Diet is a long-term eating plan to achieve optimal health through stress-busting plant-based whole foods. In this new edition, Brendan shares over 125 recipes that are all wheat-, gluten-, soy-, corn-, refined sugar-, and dairy-free. Fully updated with 25 brand new recipes, The Thrive Diet is a life-changing plan to eliminate junk food cravings and hunger, lose weight, improve sleep quality, build a stronger immune system, and more to stay healthy for life.

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