The Paleo Meno Lifestyle And Cookbook

The secrets, the science, the method and the technology of mastering a naturally magnificent menopause are held within the pages of this extraordinary lifestyle and recipe manual. Merche del Rey and Beran Parry are testaments to the power and effectiveness of these methods. Thousands of individuals around the world have benefited from their teaching and advice. Now that knowledge and practical wisdom has been made available for you in one information-packed book. A lifetime of study, research and real-life experience in one breathtakingly beautiful volume. The Paleo Meno Lifestyle is a turning point in our understanding of how to maximise our health and wellbeing way before, during and beyond the menopause event. This life-changing book will show you how to: •Blast your way to better health through menopause •Take control of your nutrition •Add the essential nutrients that your body craves for enhanced menopause and natural wellbeing •Take control of the mental and emotional hormonal influences that effect your health •Develop the power of deep relaxation •Enjoy the best night’s sleep to rest and recuperate •Burn excess body fat naturally and effortlessly •Overcome harmful attitudes and behaviours •Get excited about some of the healthiest, tastiest food imaginable •Discover your body’s potential to look and feel years younger •Look forward to a much brighter, happier future •Give your body its best possible opportunity to feel fabulous What if the fountain of youth can be distilled into a body of scientific principles? What if the latest research and scientific breakthroughs in the fields of nutrition and disease-prevention can show us how to slow down the effects of ageing and maintain the body in its best possible condition throughout the whole of our lives? The world’s population is getting older as people are living for longer than ever before. This is largely a result of improvements in food production, improved health support and advances in medical technology. But are we condemned to look like a population of pickled walnuts with wrinkled skin and drastically reduced strength and mobility? No. No and No! The fact is that many aspects of the ageing process are linked to stress. We experience environmental stress from our surroundings, from the pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink, from our diet, from our emotional responses and from a host of other factors. As we learn to remove these harmful influences and treat our bodies the way our bodies are crying out to be treated, amazing changes can take place even at a cellular level. Our bodies begin to recover from the constant stress and daily abuse of poor diet, excessive tension, lack of mobility and inflammatory disease. Our bodies, with our help and support, begin to overcome the effects of time and the imbalances of menopause. Our bodies start to function the way they’re supposed to function. Our bodies start to get younger. It’s a totally natural process. The Paleo Meno Lifestyle and Cookbook is the answer to your quest for youthfulness and ageless vitality! Written by one of the world’s leading experts on health, nutrition and wellbeing, this is the essential manual on turning back the biological clock, on maintaining peak health and vitality and living life to the full at every point in your life. The myth of mastering a magnificent menopause can now be converted into the power of re-generating long-term is now within your reach. Your body deserves the best. Don’t delay another single second. Begin your personal preparation programme right now. Your body deserves it. Download it today

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