Guilt Free! Paleo Desserts: Delicious and Healthy Paleo Recipes for Every Day

It’s possible to enjoy healthy and delicious desserts. If after a meal you feel the need of something sweet and you deny yourself to keep your figure, or if your children ask you for sweets more than fruits in the afternoon and you’re right out of ideas, you must read this book. Taking care of your health and enjoying a good dessert at the same time can be done. For that we have created this cook book of delicious desserts free of gluten, lactose, sugar and low in carbohydrates. Healthy desserts to eat without guilt is ideal for men and women who are following a diet or are trying a diet low in carbohydrates, mothers who want to feed their children well, people in general who are looking to take care of their health and feel well Barbara Aguilar is an expert in nutrition that alongside Maru Castilla, an expert chef of avowed trajectory have joined to bring you these Best Seller that combines Healthy Ingredients to create Incredible and Delicious results. Ice cream for a movie, oreo cookies for the kids, Tiramisu for dessert… in this book we teach you how to make these sweets and dozens more without gluten, lactose, sugar, just as exquisite as the originals but these are healthy. Just imagine enjoying some brownies with ice cream totally organic, or a sweet table for your children with muffins, lemon pies, chocolate chip cookies where you know everything is healthy, without sugar or gluten or lactose Healthy to eat without guilt is a book to improve your life. You can’t wait to live a healthy life without a balanced diet. With this book you’ll be eating delicacies and treats continuously while contributing to your health at the same time. Recipes that include ice cream, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, tarts, cookies! Don’t keep on ingesting calories and harming your health. Or even worse, stop denying yourself desserts to keep in shape or because of your allergies. Yes, this is a necessary book and also a perfect gift for the one you love.

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