The Intermittent Fasting Impact for Women: Unlock the hidden secrets to skyrocket fat loss and balance your hormones for those who hate diets

Get the kindle version FREE when you purchase the paperbackWomen world wide are turning to this simple yet effective eating method to lose stubborn fat, slow down ageing and skyrocket energy, keep readingEven if you have have a slow metabolism,  have other members of the family that you have to cook for that arn’t on the same journey as you, or if you just hate wasting half your Sunday meal prepping a bunch of lunches and dinners in Tupperware containers for the week ahead, this unique weight loss plan that is followed by celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Kourtney Kardashian can also work for you, Let me explain-Tell me if you can relate to this-At my heaviest weight, I used to find my self looking in the mirror overcome with depression at how my health had got to that level. with 3 little ones and a full time job it kind of snuck up on me without realising it until I saw a photo of the “finished product” while on vacation. Add this to the fact I work in the fitness industry and it not only created problems with my mindset and feeling of self worth it also affected my work life. How could I teach people to lose weight and get in shape when I had let myself go like many of the people that came to me for help?This led to my next problem. RESTRICTIONI’m a person that’s hates restriction, yes I needed to back into shape and I had to as part of my job but I also didn’t want to live off of rabbit food all day, i enjoy my chocolate, I don’t mind a burger and ice cream is......well, YUM. Although giving up these favorites would lead to weight loss, realistically i had to ask myself was that something I could keep up with long term? and if I actually managed to do so through sheer will power is it actually worth it?The answer is no, there is no point getting into shape if it’s going to make your lifestyle miserable. Your health and fitness routine is meant to add to your life not take away from it.Are you ready to discoverHow you can turn your body into a fat burning machine regardless of your age and metabolismA simple hack that can curb hunger during your fasting periodA simple strategy that you can use day 1 to prevent binge eating sessionsHow to choose the correct form intermittent fasting to suit you personallyHow to calculate your exact caloric intake, this is your magic number that will ensure successHow to avoid the hormonal damage that can occur to women when fasting causing most to quit within 3 days.access to my private Facebook group, I’m very active and answer all questionsand much much more Question- If I said you could be 5lb lighter in less than 2 weeks from now would you take it? Because you canTime is the only asset we have that we can never get back,  and everyday you put this off will push that 2 weeks back further and further, resulting in another opportunity lost to improve your health and body.Scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button

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