Keto Seafood and Fish Recipes: Discover the Secrets to Incredible Low-Carb Fish and Seafood Recipes for Your Keto Lifestyle

Are you bored with your keto diet?Are you ready to give up, or grab a cheat meal?One of the main reasons we want to cheat on our keto diet is because eating the same foods over and over is repetitive,and that boredom leads to cheat meals,and slip ups that break the cycle of ketosis. If you need a little break from your same old same old foods,then maybe what you need is some new recipes.While a ketogenic diet can be limiting, it can also allow you to indulge in as much savory,delicious meats as you want! You don’t have to suffer through another lean chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil,there is a ton of seafood out there that you may have forgotten about in your quest to cut carbs.Amy Moore recalled her love of traveling through Greece and Italy, the fresh seafood steaming in the sunset.Those memories were the passion behind Keto Seafood and Fish Recipes,a new collection of delicious low-carb seafood recipes that are as easy to prepare as they are delicious. Inside you’ll find recipes for:Beurre Blanc Mahi-MahiSpicy Tuna Cucumber RollsBlackened Tilapia TacosHalibut CevicheManhatter Clam ChowderLobster Cobb SaladShirataki Shrimp Pad ThaiPLUS The Best Seafood Choices Specifically For Keto and more!Amp up your keto diet with these new, sumptuous fish and seafood recipes.Scroll back up and click Buy Now to kick dinnertime boredom to the curb!

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