Spice Yourself Slim: Harness the Power of Spices for Health, Wellbeing and Weight-loss

This book unwraps the mysteries of one of the oldest, most valued and mystically powerful food sources known to mankind, and shows how spices can be incorporated into a contemporary low-calorie diet. Kalpna Woolf's healthy eating plan guarantees weight loss and improved wellbeing, while offering delicious recipes, featuring spices from India, South America, the Far East, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Kalpna’s book reveals the top 10 spices that should be in every food store cupboard; how to combine them into versatile Spice Rubs; 100 calorie recipes; and helpful weekly Meal Planners. Spice Yourself Slim is an essential book for any cook wanting to combine adventurous and exciting food with a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. Includes dual measures.

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