My Life as a Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters!

ARE YOU:overweight or obese?dissatisfied when you see yourself in a mirror?always dieting and cannot maintain your weight loss?unhappy and exhausted from your constant weight loss struggles?feeling alone in your war on weight? IF YOU ANSWERED, "YES" TO ANY OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS,THEN YOU NEED... "MY LIFE AS A DIET"  FACT: The latest statistics show that 69% or two-thirds of the adults in the United States is either overweight or obese.FACT: Over one hundred million people in the United States diet each year, typically making four or five diet attempts during the year period.FACT: If you are overweight and constantly dieting, you are not alone! The book, My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters, is a gift of hope for all never-ending (yo-yo) dieters.  Maurice Horwitz shares his heartfelt understanding of the harsh realities of being fat and living with a diet mentality throughout his entire life.  Through his candid words you quickly realize that they are not alone, that someone truly understands and cares, and most importantly helps you to recognize that there is hope in the lonely world of being fat and never-ending dieting. In sharing his powerful, transformative healing plan you are given simple steps that will have you waking up with a smile, feeling a renewed passion for life, believing in yourself, and most importantly acknowledge that you are perfect no matter what you weigh.Ultimately this shift in your psyche will allow you to accomplish anything you desire, including permanent weight loss. Maurice inspires you to heal and to unlock and live their dreams and aspirations. Hope is here. You are not alone! 

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