The Thought Gym: Train the mind…and the body will follow!

Finally – a book which succeeds in addressing the area most other diet, health and exercise books miss – your thoughts! What’s the same thing about every diet, health or exercise book you've ever tried?............YOU! And have you noticed that time after time, you get the same results? Well, the reason is that you haven’t addressed the key to all change first. Your thoughts. Before trying to change your diet or embark on a new health regime, you must first look at changing the thoughts that go into your mind. Otherwise you almost guarantee a huge disappointment. The Thought Gym gives you workable and proven methods for addressing what goes into your mind, so that the results that you want are now achievable. Not only will you understand how to alter your thoughts, but you’ll understand how your beliefs and values shape your results, how language is vitally important to your success and also how to really make sure that the right motivation for you to succeed is in place from the start. The Thought Gym will give you tools, strategies and techniques to enable you to succeed where once you may have failed. Supporting the information you will get from reading this book are on-line guided support modules consisting of both downloadable audio support and video streaming, so it's like the author is in the room with you helping you achieve your health dreams.

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