Mediterranean Diet For Beginners: Venture To The Heart Of The Mediterranean: 90+ Recipes And A 24 Day Meal Plan

Mediterranean Diet: Venture to the Heart of the MediterraneanMany people think that eating healthy is all about starving yourself and sacrificing flavor. When you travel the world and see how other cultures live, you soon come to realize this couldn’t be further from the truth. Venture to the heart of the Mediterranean, and you’ll meet the healthiest and happiest people in the world. This book tells their culinary story…Discover Amazing Recipes That Bring the Whole Family Together Mediterranean cooking is all about celebrating time with the people you love, by enjoying home cooked meals as they should be. Fresh ingredients, simple cooking techniques, and mouthwatering flavors all come to the fore. Learn the secrets that have been passed down the generations, and experience firsthand just what a difference to your life a little bit of Mediterranean authenticity can make.Cook From Fresh in No TimeFresh ingredients and pure cooking oils are the foundations of the Mediterranean way of cooking, and they can be used in any kitchen around the world. It’s about opening your eyes to how other people cook, and then learning the simple techniques they’ve been able to apply a hundred different ways over the years. Once you can do it, you’ll never think about junk food or takeouts ever again.Scrumptious and Nutritious Recipes That Change Every DayThe Mediterranean Diet comes complete with a comprehensive 24 day meal plan that’s designed to take the headaches out of adopting a new diet. With easy to follow guidance for three and a half weeks, you’ll have everything you need to stick to your new healthy approach to cooking. Perfect for allowing you to achieve your health and fitness goals, learn some new skills in the kitchen, and make evening meals something you can truly look forward to.Some of the healthy recipes in this book include:•One Pot Greek Chicken•Hummus with Pita Bread•Mediterranean Shrimp with Penne•Italian Herbed Chicken and Mozzarella Melts•Moroccan Orange Cake•Italian Olive Oil Cake•Moroccan Roast Chicken•Italian Cappuccino Muffins•Greek Rice Pudding•Greek Roasted FishSounds amazing, right? Then what are you waiting for? Take your first steps into your new healthier, happier lifestyle. Buy the Mediterranean Diet for Beginners today.

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