You, Yes You, Get Logging: Blood Glucose & Insulin Log Book: 1 Year (53 Weeks) Blood Glucose & Insulin Log Including Contact Information | Appointments | HbA1c Results | Medication | Intensive Testing

This diabetes blood glucose tracker and insulin logbook has been designed for you to be able to easily and logically keep an accurate record of your levels. Allowing you and your health care professionals easy access to a full year (53 weeks) of your history, which will give you better treatment plans and better control of your diabetics helping you stay healthy. Benefits of regular logging of your blood glucose levels and insulin: control and understanding of your diabetes helps control you insulin dosage and see the effects identify trends and fluctuations in your glucose levels at different times get a better treatment plan from your medical professional looking after your diabetics stay healthier About this logbook: Practical size of 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm), which is easy to take everywhere with you (work / office / school / home / holiday) Interior: White paper with black print Pages: 130 Features: Contact details for yourself, medical professionals and ICE (In Case of Emergency) Set target blood sugar levels with the help of your medical professional HbA1c results Future appointments Medication list 4 weeks of intensive blood glucose testing (Before / After 1hr / After 2hr / After 3hr) 53 weeks of daily before and after testing (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snacks / Bedtime / Other) 53 weeks of daily insulin injection logs Daily and weekly notes Weekly target levels Questions you want to ask at your next diabetic appointments General notes

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