Lean Ü No More Carbs Formula – Pharma Grade White Kidney Bean Extract – Block Sugar and Starch with Our Premium Carb Inhibitor – Crush Carbs to get to The Leanest U

Lean Ü No More Carbs uses alpha-amylase enzymes to break carbohydrates down into absorbable sugar, preventing the breakdown of carbs thereby breaking the carbs-sugar-fat storage loop. White Kidney Beans contain powerful Alpha-Amylase inhibitors which effectively blocks the enzymes responsible for the absorption of carbs leading to the formation of new fat... so while you may be ingesting carbs, you aren't digesting them in the traditional sense. White kidney bean extract is beneficial in that it recreates the sense of satisfaction we as humans are biologically coded to feel after eating a starch meal, without the consequences. This two-pronged benefit to our Lean Ü No More Carbs Formula keeps you craving less and your body being more efficient to generate unparalleled results

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