Advanced Carb Blocker by BalanceDiet Highly Effective 100% Natural Plant-Based Carb Blocker with Nopal Cactus 90 Capsules

Carb Block #06 by BalanceDiet is highly effective in limiting the absorption of carbohydrates and simple sugars in the body. This natural, top selling product is simply taken appx. 20 minute prior to a meal with a tall glass or bottle of water. The 100% natural product is derived from a highly quality Nopal Cactus, which is shown to quickly bind to starch and simple sugars, which limits them from being digested. Those calories are passed through the body and therefore not absorbed, naturally limiting the total number of carbs from a specific meal. Why we love this product: May be taken as needed throughout the day or night High quality product with no fillers or binders Helps with appetite suppression May assist to limit spikes in blood sugar 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed This could be the ideal supplement during the Holidays, or for someone who is straying from their diet and plans to consume more carbs during a meal. How to Use: Simply, take a capsule 15-20 minutes before the meal (with water) and the nopal cactus will bind to the carbohydrates entering the body, and allow them to safely pass through the system so less are absorbed. Unlike some other carb blockers, the 06 Carb Block will not cause irregular bowel movements.

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