Intermittent Fasting: Scientific Method To Eat Anything, Never Get Hungry And Lo (intermittent fasting for women, 5:2 diet, dash diet, fat loss, fasting diet) (Volume 1)

WARNING: This is the last fat loss book you will ever need! Intermittent Fasting is an innovative, scientific approach to your daily food intake. Under a fasted state your body will experience a wide range of benefits such as repressed hunger, higher focus, increased energy, fat loss and more! (BONUS: FULL MEAL PLAN INSIDE!) Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life Now! As a personal trainer and nutritionist I have worked with hundreds of clients, experimented and finally developed a strategy that makes intermittent fasting incredibly easy and enjoyable to achieve all your fat-loss goals. Before I discovered intermittent fasting I could never maintain a perfect physique for a long period of time: the constant work, watching exactly what to eat was just too difficult to keep up. Now that I have implemented Intermittent fasting I find it extremely difficult NOT to remain in great shape all year round. In this book I will teach you exactly how you can eat anything, lose weight and feel great using my proven, tested and scientific approach to IF. A Preview Of What You'll Learn: The Importance of CaloriesWhy is Breakfast Only a Habit?What Is Intermittent Fasting?How To Begin Intermittent FastingONE BIG MEAL: Enjoyable and ConvenientBONUS: Full Daily Meal Plan GET YOUR DREAM BODY! Buy this book NOW for only $8.99

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