OxyGen: The Breath Of LIFE in Atomic Form! (Science Of LIFE Series)

Peace and Blessings of Health! Oxygen IS the Breath Of LIFE in Atomic form! This short work is a composition of Scientific, Medical and Spiritually based research and compiled into a comprehensive, easily read and understood format designed to help the reader successfully achieve and maintain their own Supreme Health and Fitness! We have 3 major functions - Eating, Drinking and Breathing, that must be performed in order for us to be considered Alive. Of these 3, Breathing is the least explored, taught or performed properly. We can go 7-10 days without Food and still maintain Life before manifesting symptoms from Nutritional deficiency. We can go 3-7 days without Water before presenting symptoms. however, as little as 1 Minute of Oxygen deprivation/deficiency causes Cellular Damage! OUR CELLS NEED 2 ELEMENT FOR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT = OXYGEN & GLUCOSE !!! Many of Us are constantly bombarded with information on food and drink, making one believe that either is vital and we primarily focus on them. Without proper Oxygen levels our Bodies won't be able to 'use' or metabolize what we Eat or Drink - contributing to our food and drink transforming into excess Adipose Fat tissue (Potential Energy). OXYGEN IS THE BREATH OF LIFE !!!!! Let us discover the Importance of Oxygen, HOW to Breathe as created so that We can successfully Build and Maintain our Abundant LIFE !!!! Achieving and Maintaining Supreme Health and Fitness by increasing the level of Science and Knowledge of LIFE! *The Science of Life Series!*

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