Eating Healthy When You Don’t Know How: A Simple Guide to Your Vegetarian Kitchen

EATINGHEALTHY WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW HOW is a cookbook with cooking lessons.  It shows you how to make food with the ingredientsyou have at home or find in your local grocery store.  It introduces you to different vegetables,beans, nuts and seeds, noodles and  spices thatmight be new to you.  Through simple explanations, you learnhow to use these foods to create flavor-filled dishes either raw as in saladsor cooked as in soups, stir-fried, oven-cooked, and grilled dishes.  The basic idea of EATING HEALTHY is to teachyou how to make a simple delicious meal without a recipe and without a lot of fuss.To jump start your creativity, recipes are sprinkled throughout thechapters for you to use or adapt to your liking.

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