Amino Acid Report: discover the power of vegetarian protein

Use protein power to detoxify, improve your memory, fight pollution, stress and fatigue, high blood pressure and low sex drive. Plus important new information for athletes. Protein is one of our most basic needs, but research into how its building blocks, the amino acids, can be combined to assist health is only just beginning. One of Britain's most respected nutrition writers brings you a complete update on the amino acids, how the body uses them, and their many effects on health. Read about Military research on aminos as a treatment for stress Which aminos are vital for detoxification Powerful effects of aminos to help you lose weight How to boost glutathione, the amazing antioxidant that helps you stay young How aminos can help control your blood pressure How to maximize your athletic performance, strength and staying power Research shows that aminos can also help prevent depression, deafness, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and diabetes. The traditional high-protein foods such as meat and fish may not be the best sources of some amino acids. Also, experts now advise reducing our reliance on these foods to improve our health. The Amino Acid Report shows you how to adjust your diet to maximize the protein power of vegetarian foods.

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