Critical Thinking Skills: 11 Proven Strategies To Improve Decision Making And Problem Solving Skills

Is It Always A Disaster When It Comes To Problem Solving?Finding hard to think right in important situationsDoes your job require lots of thinking?Always regret making the wrong decisions?The REAL problem is not what is not the problem, it is not able to see through the root of the problem itself.99.99% of our decisions are made based on emotions without even realizing it.Why not...Discover what is critical thinking?Through emotional techniques, critical thinking, mind mapping, and digging for the root of the problem, you can increase your happiness, enjoyment, contentment, and reduce the amount of problems that you find overwhelming.Getting overwhelmed is a common source of stress and a way that many people get stuck in their lives. The strategies described in this book will help reduce your feeling of being overwhelmed so that you can recharge each day and face the world anew.Inside this book you learn how to: Divide and conquer to dissect your problemsGet to the root of the problemUnderstand influences from the pastSee things in a neutral positionConsider the implications and consequencesUse the elimination methodUse the power of rewritingAttention! This book is NOT for everyone!This book is not for people: -Who doesn't want to take actions in life-Who are not committed for a change-Who doesn't care about themselves anymoreIf you are ready to learn about critical thinking, Scroll Up And Click On The "BUY NOW" Button Now!

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