Keto Festive & Christmas & New Year Cookbook: Unique New Year’s Eve low-carb Christmas recipes including specialties, side dishes, desserts, drinks and more for the festive season

This is a great cookbook for the holidays, Christmas and New Year. Here you will find unique low-carb ketogenic recipes and enjoy guilt-free this holiday season. The book has all the traditional festive keto dishes. With the whole spread to make for the holidays, Christmas and New Year, which the whole family will enjoy. These easy-to-cook keto festive dishes are low in carbohydrates, including photos, as well as nutrition information for each recipe, to help you stay on top of macros on holidays. We will help you maintain your weight goals during this festive season with your ketogenic lifestyle. We are all inclined to treat ourselves to all delicious dishes for the holidays, now you can with these delicious holiday recipes. Do not start your New Year, feeling that you have cheated on your diet, and you promise that from now on you will stay in the know when you do not have to cheat, and you can stay in the know about the holidays with this cookbook.

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