Blood Type Diet Journal: Eat Right for  Your Blood Type

Blood Type Diet Journal was developed as a companion to anybody striving to eat the right foods based on their blood type. The food we eat and our blood type do have a relationship. Certain foods are good for certain blood types and some not so great. This journal gives you a road map to plan your meals, keeping in mind food items that work for your blood type, writing them down arranged in a weekly format eliminating the guess work of whether what you are about to eat is good for you or not. Don’t second guess yourself! Your immune system and the rest of you depend on getting the right nutrients for optimum performance. Whether you are on the road or at home, staying loyal to your diet and meal plane helps you do your own part to keeping healthy. Grab a copy of the blood type diet journal and keep track your progress. You will be surprised how positively your body responds to the right food.

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