365 Clean Eating Paleo Recipes

The Paleo Method has been widely recognised as a truly effective way to burn off excess weight and flush harmful toxins from the body whilst providing a full range of super-nutrients that provide the building blocks of vitality, robust longevity and good health. Now these life-affirming advantages can be enjoyed to the full with this superb collection of imaginative and delicious recipes. It's easy to make the connection between the number of recipes and the fact that there is a carefully chosen Paleo meal for every day of the year. But there's nothing to stop you repeating any of the recipes whenever you want and enjoying your favourites every week. Clean eating and the Paleo Diet go perfectly together and offer a powerful combination of high potency nutrition and highly effective super cleansing. Amongst an extraordinary number of health benefits, you can appreciate the benefits of: • Turning your body into a perfectly natural, fat-burning machine • Flushing the long-term toxins and poisons from your body • Burning the deeper layers of fat that are often sited around the major organs • Looking and feeling years’ younger • Developing a leaner, fitter and slimmer silhouette • Re-setting your metabolism to a more energy efficient mode of functioning • Alleviating auto-immune dysfunctions • Unleashing greater levels of energy • Boosting your stamina • Rediscovering your libido • Stimulating your creativity • New and lasting levels of health and wellbeing These wonderful benefits are all the natural consequences of eliminating harmful, toxic substances from your daily diet. When you begin to choose the right kind of nutrition, you can clean up your body, eliminate scores of health conditions, turn back the clock and begin to enjoy life to the full. This is a fabulous collection of life-enhancing recipes that you can enjoy to the full every single day and you'll bask in the knowledge that you're giving your body all the love, appreciation and respect that it truly deserves. Start today and enjoy every meal to the full. You deserve it!

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