Wheat-Free Sugar-Free Desserts: 31 Classic Recipes for Today’s Healthy Diets

Wheat-Free Sugar-Free Desserts is your solution for enjoying desserts while maintaining your healthy diet. Whether you're following wheat free and sugar free eating for weight control reasons or due to food allergy restrictions, with the healthy recipes here you can still have your cookie and eat it too. If you've made the switch to a gluten free diet and are on the lookout for gluten free desserts with plenty of taste, you've come to the right place. The secret is in the ingredients - mainly a gluten free flour blend of almond meal flour and coconut flour - excellent, healthy alternatives to regular flour. You will find cookie recipes for classics like oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, almond butter cookies and much more. In addition to a wide array of baked treats, the book features other healthy desserts like raisin-stuffed baked apples and berries and cream parfait. But gluten free recipes are just half the story. All the dessert recipes in Wheat-Free Sugar-Free Desserts get their sweetness from granulated stevia or agave syrup - excellent natural sweeteners. Say goodbye to refined sugars or artificial sweeteners with a chemical aftertaste. You can feel good about the dessert recipes in this book! Make healthy desserts part of your eating plan.

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