Wheat Belly vs. Ketogenic Diet Toughing Out The First 10 Days

What is The Wheat Belly Diet? The Wheat Belly Diet is based on the research and belief that the wheat we consume in countless products today causes many health problems because it is genetically different. Through the years, food companies have found more and more uses for wheat. The increase in demand presented a unique challenge to growers, which was to find ways to produce more wheat for a lower cost. This was accomplished, but the outcome has been a crop that barely resembles what wheat used to be. Followers of the diet cut out wheat products, which includes following a gluten-free diet and experiencing freedom from many health issues, including obesity, acne, diabetes and heart disease. What is The Ketogenic Diet? The main goal of the Ketogenic Diet, for fitness and weight loss is because it forces the body to burn fats. In order to get on board with this diet, you will have to reduce carbohydrates and ramp up protein and other supplements. The Ketogenic Diet is not so much about omission as it is about balancing things in a different manner. Instead of focusing on low fat items, and no carbs, it’s about lowering the intake to a different level. When these things are done in the right fractions, the body spikes metabolic rate and burns a lot more calories than others.

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