The Vegan Bundle: Easy Steps to a Healthy Diet for Beginners

The vegan lifestyle is not just another popular diet plan, and the world is beginning to know why. Veganism is helpful for those who wish to live a healthier life, lose weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and so much more. A diet free of animal products also means living a greener life and changing the world for the better - one plate at a time. However, one of the greatest reasons to become vegan is to put an end to the unethical slaughter of animals for human consumption. See the difference a plant-based diet makes in your life! Whether you want to improve your overall health, shed a few pounds, demonstrate your compassion for animals, or help the environment, The Vegan Bundle shows you the way. This series of vegan books guides you every step of the way, giving you the tools, resources, and recipes you need to make the vegan transition - healthfully, joyfully, and deliciously. In The Vegan Bundle: Easy Steps to a Healthy Diet for Beginners, you will find practical advice including: How to differentiate between vegan, raw vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, paleo, and macrobiotic diets Reliable evidence of why veganism is the better option How to stay fully nourished and healthy while abstaining from meat and dairy Common nutrition myths and the best sources of nutrients How to choose healthy options while staying animal-friendly How to adapt gradually to a vegan lifestyle Practical strategies for eating out, traveling, and attending social occasions How to become a savvy shopper, eat healthfully affordably, restock your kitchen, read labels, and prepare nutrient-rich meals without feeling overwhelmed Delicious, nutrient-rich, easy plant-based recipes How to experience the tangible and intangible benefits of living a healthy, compassionate life, including achieving healthful numbers for cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, and more An introduction to more advanced vegan lifestyles and diet changes (i.e. raw vegan, 80/10/10, raw till four, high-carb low-fat vegan, or plant-based vegan) Over 50 recipes for grain-based, nut-based, soy-based, legume-based, and vegetable-based meals Recipes for a variety of breakfasts, snacks, salads, soups, sandwiches, entrees for any meal, and healthy, low-fat vegan desserts Tips on saving money How your budget and the environment benefit Meeting your unique nutritional need and goals Where to find the best deals Macronutrients and micronutrients and how they fit into a vegan lifestyle Getting plenty of protein for your body to function properly Much, much more!

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