The Superwoman Rx: Discover Your Power Type and Unlock the Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss, Energy, and an Amazing Life

Modern womanhood often means juggling multiple roles―businesswoman, mother, spouse, homemaker, and more―all while being expected to look perfectly composed. In other words, it means being superhuman. The truth is, it can seem impossible to maintain our health while navigating our busy lives. We’re overwhelmed and exhausted, which can often translate into unhealthy habits leading to weight gain, fatigue, and multiple illnesses. But diet and fitness plans are usually one-size-fits-all, and those universal programs just don’t work for everybody. To help women lose weight and achieve optimum health based on their individual power types, wellness expert Dr. Tasneem Bhatia (“Dr. Taz”) has a plan that is anything but cookie-cutter.In The Superwoman Rx, Dr. Taz sets out to treat “superwoman syndrome” by offering five prescriptive plans based on a woman’s unique medical type or Power Type, whether it be a Boss Lady, a Biz Chic, an Earth Mama, a Gypsy Girl, or a Nurse Betty. Drawing inspiration from Ayurveda, a traditional Indian system of medicine focused on balance, each nutrition and exercise plan helps shed pounds, decrease anxiety and depression, rejuvenate skin, reduce PMS symptoms, and much more in just 3 weeks. After those three weeks come long-term strategies including individualized plans to heal your spirit and your physical health. Dr. Taz’s philosophy goes beyond a diet plan―with her guidance, women will radiate from the inside out.

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