The Real Food Grocery Guide: Navigate the Grocery Store, Ditch Artificial and Unsafe Ingredients, Bust Nutritional Myths, and Select the Healthiest Foods Possible

The Real Food Grocery Guide clearly outlines what (and what not) to eat based on scientific studies of the health benefits and concerns of nearly every type of food.Ask ten different people how to eat healthy, you'll probably get ten different answers, from paleo to gluten free to vegan to raw to low-fat to high-fat. The Real Food Grocery Guide helps consumers understand why there is so much confusion around what to eat--and busts the myths, hype, and misleading information around "healthy" food choices. Demystifying labels, terms, and pseudo nutrition advice (while also including tips for saving time and money) will help readers make the best choices for themselves and their family.Food choices start in the grocery store. This book is the most comprehensive and actionable guide to shopping and eating for health, with advice on:-Where and how to shop to save time and money -How to decipher a nutrition label Controversial ingredients (including GMOs)The remainder of the book is broken down into chapters based on departments in the grocery store, including produce, dairy, meat, grains, legumes, packaged foods, and more.Each chapter neatly outlines these key pieces of information about the items in the department in an easy to digest format:-Health benefits (with scientific research to back it up)-Health concerns (with scientific research to back it up)-Definitions of buzz words associated with it (such as wild, free-range, etc.)-Exactly how to choose the best food or products in that department.

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