The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes: Simple Nutritional Strategies to Lower Your Blood Sugar

The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes offers the simplest, most accurate strategies for counting carbs and lowering your blood sugar.When you have a strategy for counting carbohydrates, you don’t need to consult lists of nutritional information every time you sit down to eat. The Pocket Carbohydrate Counter Guide for Diabetes makes it easy to manage diabetes in your daily life with simple nutritional strategies to accurately count carbs and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Written for recently-diagnosed and long-time diabetes patients alike, this handy pocket reference is a simple solution to eliminate guesswork and confidently judge the carbs in every meal. From setting targets and finding your personal sweet spot, to actionable strategies like meal planning, this carbohydrate counter book makes counting carbs as easy as 1,2,3. Never overestimate or underestimate carbs again. This carbohydrate counter book keeps your blood sugar levels in check with:Effective tools for counting carbs with clear, step-by-step instructions and illustrations for accurately measuring carbs, plus alternative methods such as meal planning and balancing your plateLifestyle advice that includes recommendations for smart snacking, and offers tips on what to order while eating outAn introduction on the connection between carbs and diabetes that provides an in-depth look at what happens in your body when you eat carbs, and an overview of foods that contain (and hide) carbsStop guessing―learn simple strategies for counting carbohydrates and lower your blood sugar with this carbohydrate counter book.

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