The Medical Checkup Book

Identify the tests you need, and understand the resultsKnowing which health checks and tests to get when can prevent illness, head off problems, and even save your life. This easy-to-use guide explains all the common health tests so that you can understand and manage your well-being.When you've had a test, how often do you understand what the results really mean for your health and your lifestyle? You've probably heard of good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, but what does that mean? And what can you do if you're told your bad cholesterol is high? Why are there two numbers to show your blood pressure? Is weight gain hereditary? Be proactive in managing your health by learning more about how your health is measured. Discover what factors influence medical tests, and what lifestyle changes you can make to keep fit and healthy for longer. Explore the variety of tests and screenings you may undergo at a doctor's or workplace health assessment--find out what is tested, why it is tested, and what the results mean. Clear, jargon-free text highlights the lifestyle changes that you can make to boost your health. The book first looks at taking care of your health by knowing which tests to get when and what family history and lifestyle factors affect your health. It goes on to explain the tests that everyone might undergo; tests specific to age or gender; and specialized tests, such as DNA analysis. The final chapter deals with practical changes you can make to keep you fitter and healthier for longer. There is also a chart for creating a record of your test results. The Medical Check-up Book is the only visual guide to explain all common medical tests, what the results mean, and what you can do to improve them and take preventative measures so you can minimize the risks and maximize your health.

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