The Ketogenic Diet + Intermittent Fasting + More: Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Keto Diet, Bone Broth, South Beach Diet

The Ketogenic Diet + Intermittent Fasting + MoreThis 5 in 1 Book Bundle has everything you need beyond just the Ketogenic Diet. This Book Includes the following Diet Guides:30 Day Paleo Challenge30 Day Intermittent Fasting Challenge30 Day Ketogenic Challenge30 Day Bone Broth ChallengeThe South Beach DietAnd More!If I told you that all it takes is 30 days to turn your whole life around—you might not believe me. But in reality, under the right direction we can change quite a lot in just 30 days’ time. And this is precisely what Nancy Wilson aims to do in her later health and fitness masterpiece, the, “30 Day Ketogenic Challenge”. Keto has been proven to be an incredibly effective means of burning the fat stores of the body. This is done through the restriction of carbs, which forces the body to burn fat instead. In this book diet and nutrition expert Nancy Wilson goes the extra mile to bring you a cohesive 30-day plan for successfully following a ketogenic diet.Much more than just another diet cookbook, the information provided in this comprehensive guide lays out an entire game-plan for tackling all of the trouble spots each individual dieter may face. Loaded with a plethora of helpful suggestions, tips, tricks and dieting templates, Ms. Wilson provides the tools necessary to succeed at completing the 30-Day-Keto challenge, yet leaves it up to the reader to decide exactly how to fine tune the recipes and ingredients provided so that they fit their individual needs.If you prefer a light breakfast and a big lunch, you can arrange the meals presented here to reflect that. On the other hand, if you like a hearty breakfast but a light lunch, this can be arranged as well. Everything is done within the parameters of the Keto challenge, but you still have room to adjust and tweak as necessary. If you would like a book that can bring you real and lasting success in your 30-Day Keto Challenge this book is most definitely for you!In this book you will learn how you can:Achieve a fat burning metabolic state of KetosisArrange effective meal plansKnow what to eat and what not to eat on KetoFollow Keto based recipesLose weightAnd more!If you are looking for a new and revolutionary way to lose wait then look no further than the Intermittent Fast Diet! This diet spearheaded by Dr. Mosley, has been scientifically proven to give you results. Those that partake of the intermittent fast take on the view that weight gain is a progressive disease.If you are gaining a few pounds every single year when you are already overweight, there is no doubt about it, this is a dysfunction of your body, and your metabolism is out of whack. Unlike other diets that treat the symptoms of this weight gain disease the intermittent fast diet goes after the root of the problem.By fasting intermittently your body is able to survive on a lower caloric intake throughout the weak and as a result of this switch, metabolic changes occur as a result. Normally your body is most likely running on extra carbohydrates as its primary fuel source while it leaves stored fat deposits alone for emergency use, but when you fast, the body switches gears and fat becomes the fuel source, allowing you to burn those dreaded fat deposits directly.Buy this book and discover how you can:Burn fat fasterReduce caloric intakeMake healthier mealsAnd a whole lot more!

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