The Guilt Free Gourmet Cookbook Volume 2: Low Calorie and Point, Gourmet Dips, Dressings, Appetizers & Desserts for Weight Watchers (Guilt Free Gourmet Cookbooks)

All of the recipes from my original cookbook have now been revised and updated for the new 2020 weight watchers program. Each recipe has been meticulously gone over, to ensure that they are as delicious, lean and low in points as possible, across all of the 3 new weight watchers plans... green, blue and purple. IMPORTANT NOTE... This is the second cookbook in my collection, most all of the recipes within it, make reference to "foundational recipes" that are contained within my first cookbook "The guilt free gourmet cookbook: Volume 1". It is crucial that you have that book in order to create all of the recipes within this publication. My first book contains the base recipes for many of these dishes, such as low point masa for tamales, pasta dough, how to make low point "cream cheese" substitute, as well as all of my meat seasoning recipes. That book is the foundation for this one.This, my second cookbook, contains delicious, low calorie, low fat and low point salad dressings, dips, incredibly gourmet appetizers... and over 30 show stopping, pastry chef worthy cakes and cupcakes, all of which are low point across all 3 plans.

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