The Guilt Free Gourmet Cookbook Volume 1: Low Calorie and Point Cooking Guide for the WW Green, Blue & Purple programs (Guilt Free Gourmet Cookbooks)

The ultimate low calorie and point resource, for Weight Watchers members. This cooking guide is filled with cooking tips, ingredient suggestions and basic recipes that will help you succeed on the Weight Watchers (WW) myWW plan. Rather than throwing a giant book of recipes at you, this guide TEACHES YOU how to modify your meals yourself through in-depth guided tutorials and recipes, with detailed step by step instructions, using over 390 color images. You'll find 6 pages devoted solely to mastering the Recipe Builder within the WW mobile app, to show you how to reduce the points and calories in traditional recipes. You'll also find "Foundational", which are are used as the building blocks for meals. These include low point Italian sausage, chorizo, bratwurst and breakfast Sausage recipes. Instructions for how to make fresh low point pasta yourself, without any specialized equipment. Low point gnocchi, pie crust, masa for tamales and tortillas, low point yeast pizza dough, slider buns and much more. It doesn't stop there though. I also include recipes for 30 ultra low point sauces that you can use to kick up hundreds of dishes, such as: low point hollandaise, bechamel, black peppercorn, roasted red pepper marinara, tomatillo sauce, Mexican brown mole' and many more... with no sauce being over 1 point for at LEAST a 1/4 cup serving!! All recipes, include the point values for up to 4 servings of each recipe, across ALL 3 programs, along with notes for tweaking different recipes with ingredient substitutions. This cookbook and cooking guide is the first in my series of comprehensive cookbooks. Volume 1 will be invaluable for later cookbooks that will be published, as this first volume contains the tutorials, ground meat seasonings, foundations, sauces, and holiday dishes sections, that will be referenced in later books.

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