The Diabetes Detectives Guide to Staying on Your Diabetes Diet: A Workbook for Ten Simple Rules for Controlling Appetite That Empower Anyone with Type 2 Diabetes To Keep Blood Sugar Levels in Control

Diabetics are often told that weight loss can work miracles for controlling blood sugar levels. The truth is, controlling blood sugar levels can work miracles not just for weight loss, but also for completely avoiding every complication of type 2 diabetics and sometimes for reversing the disease altogether. Even better, the secret to controlling your blood sugar levels is not some esoteric diet of foods you do not really want to eat. The secret to controlling your blood sugar levels and later losing weight lies in controlling the cravings that send your appetite out of control. Finding reliable information for treating type 2 diabetes practically requires a diabetes detective. Nurse Beverleigh Piepers and bestselling author Robert Rister combine tens of thousands of hours of one-on-one experience with type 2 diabetics with an in-depth understanding of the latest scientific advances to give you the simple techniques you need to make your choice of diet work for you to get your type 2 diabetes into control. Learn the simple techniques your doctor usually does not have time to tell you in Staying on Your Diabetes Diet. Contents: Chapter 1. Test, Test, and Test Some More. A short-term program of intensive testing of your blood sugar levels may reveal that your blood sugars respond less to carbohydrate and more to the stress induced by certain foods. Chapter 2. Treat Low Blood Sugars. The ravages of appetite are sometimes prevented with just a tiny amount of "forbidden" carbohydrate. Chapter 3. Eat One Meal at a Time. The perils of three-hour diets and the promises of eating all you want of the right foods at the right time are revealed. Chapter 4. Be Sure to Eat Enough Carbohydrate. Type 2 diabetics have a special relationship with carbohydrate that usually can't be fixed by avoiding carbohydrate entirely. Chapter 5. Don't Eat Too Much Protein. The surprising, counterintuitive relationship between too much protein and blood sugar levels is explained. Chapter 6. Fight Fat with the Right Fat. Eating the right kinds of fat in the right ratios may not only help you lose weight, quickly, but more importantly also preserve pancreatic function. Chapter 7. Be Sure to Eat Your Water. Certain common foods ease appetite and make diabetes control much easier. Water content is key. Chapter 8. Rate Your Plate. There's a simple way to avoid losing diabetes control and parties and buffets. Chapter 9. Keep Temptation Out of Sight. Out of sight, out of mind has a different meaning in the context of type 2 diabetes. Chapter 10. Make Every Bite Mouth-Watering. Nerve damage from diabetes can also affect the taste buds. Simple fixes can make the foods on your diet far more appealing. Don't settle for advice that is appropriate to someone else's case of diabetes. Discover the techniques that work for you to keep type 2 diabetes in control with STAYING ON YOUR DIABETES DIET.

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