The Clever Gut Diet: How to Revolutionise Your Body from the Inside Out

The gut is an astonishing piece of engineering which has control over our mood, metabolism, weight and immune system. In this book, bestselling author Dr Michael Mosley takes us on a revelatory journey to the microbiome, and introduces us to the complex eco-system in our bodies, now known to be as important a part of our anatomy as our brain and heart. Drawing on exciting new research, Dr Mosley explains how having the right mix of gut bacteria is critical for maintaining good health. He trials a range of diets to ascertain their effects on gut diversity, and looks at the role of prebiotics, probiotics and antibiotics, and the latest treatments for a range of gut problems. With delicious healing recipes, The Clever Gut Diet offers a life-changing approach to eating. Whether you are struggling with your weight, suffering from conditions such as Coeliac or IBS, or simply want to improve your mood, this book will become your new health bible. * How different diets affect your gut bacteria, your weight and your blood sugar levels. * The definitive low-down on phytonutrients and why they are key to a happy gut. * Why different people react differently to the same foods.* Why it's better to have inefficient gut bacteria. * Recipes and meal plans to suit YOUR microbiome.

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