The Clean Eating Cookbook: Reduce your pain and  inflammation with healthy, clean, gluten free meals that don’t taste like cardboard.

The food we eat today is very different from the food people were eating fifty years ago. It’s grown differently, processed differently and is even genetically modified from what it used to be. This isn’t necessarily bad. Scientists have proven very clearly that there would be no way to feed all of the people in the world without genetically modified foods. Since 1970, the population of the planet has nearly doubled and in the United States alone has increased by 60%. So it’s difficult to point a finger at the food industry and say GMO is altogether bad, since it’s made it possible for 323 million people to survive. But the changes in our food have caused plenty of problems in our bodies mostly through allergies to nuts, dairy and wheat gluten. By removing food from your system that causes those kinds of issues, you can be healthier, experience less inflammation and have significantly more energy. The Clean Eating Cookbook provides a proven path to successfully creating and sticking to a clean eating meal plan, and offers many delicious recipes to keep you from getting bored. If you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle, to feel better or drop some extra weight, the Clean Eating Cookbook is for you.

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