The 95% Vegan Diet: An Insider’s Guide to Taking Control of Your Diet and Health Without Having to Be Perfect

'So, what do I do exactly?' This is the question most people ask once they have decided they would like to adopt a plant-based diet. At the same time, many people are also thinking, 'I could never give up (fill-in-the blank animal product) forever!' 95% Vegan is a scientifically credible resource to educate you on exactly how you can adopt a healthy vegan diet without demanding 100% perfection. 95% Vegan will inspire and guide you to take control of your nutritional and overall health. You will learn: -- How to plan a 95% Vegan diet with adequate protein and other nutrients -- How to customize your very own 95% Vegan weight loss plan -- The meaning of your blood work and how to improve the results -- How to decipher the health claims you see on nutritional supplements Reach all of your health goals by adopting the healthiest diet on the planet, become your own scientist and not a guinea pig for the pharmaceutical and supplement industries, and create a ripple effect for the health of future generations ahead by committing to the simple principles revealed in 95% Vegan!

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