The 14-Day Elimination Diet Plan: Identify Food Allergies and Sensitivities the No-Stress Way

Identify food sensitivities and allergies with this easy-to-follow elimination dietTired of skipping out on delicious meals for fear of not feeling quite right? Those days are over. These types of diets are usually a challenge because of all the foods you have to cut out, but this 14-day elimination diet guide makes it easy.In addition to the two-week meal plan, there is a step-by-step program for reintroducing possibly problematic foods and guidance on how to recognize food sensitivities. The 14-Day Elimination Diet Plan is your starting point to a healthier life and happier eating.The 14-Day Elimination Diet Plan includes:Food allergies explained―Learn about the most common food sensitivities, how they physically manifest, and what effects they can have on your health.What to eat and when to eat it―Enjoy detailed meal plans for the entire two-week elimination diet.Welcome back familiar foods―Learn how to carefully reintroduce foods back into your kitchen.Discover the simplest way to cut problematic foods out of your diet and change your life for the better―with The 14-Day Elimination Diet Plan.

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