The 10 Pounds Off Paleo Diet: The Easy Way to Drop Inches in Just 28 Days

Paleo is the hottest diet trend right now, but for many people, the idea of giving up carbs, gluten and dairy is so overwhelming it's hard to know where to start. The revolutionary 10 Pounds Off: The Paleo Diet makes it easy to go Paleo step by step, and is geared to beginners who are looking for a simple, effective way to lose weight. Combining guidance from trusted health experts with delicious, guaranteed-to-work recipes from Cooking Light, the 10 Pounds Off: The Paleo Diet offers a foolproof path to healthy weight loss. The book includes an easy to follow 28-day meal plan to help you lose a pound a week; more than 100 diet-specific Cooking Light-approved recipes; detailed shopping lists; a do-anywhere fitness plan; stay-on-track journal; and hundreds of informative tips, charts and boxes presented in a fun, visually exciting package that will make losing weight easier and more fun than you ever thought possible. Plus, the information is reviewed by an independent expert advisory board to offer a scientifically sound approach and guarantee your weight loss is healthful and sustainable. Do the Diet with a friend or try it solo-the 10 Pounds Off Diet series will help you achieve your weight loss goals, one pound at a time. Introduction Introduction to 10 Pounds Off: The Paleo Diet is written by an expert advisory board member. Part I - Paleo Power 1. Paleo and Your Health 2. Not Just Another High Protein/Low Carb Diet 3. The Nuts and Bolts of Paleo 4. Putting Paleo into Action 5. Take the Paleo Diet Challenge Part II - 101 Paleo Recipes 6. Breakfast 7. Lunch 8. Dinner 9. Appetizers, Snacks and Salads 10. Desserts and DrinksPart III - Living the Paleo Lifestyle 11. Exercise Plan 12. Keeping it off - the Paleo Maintenance Plan 13. Interactive Mind-Body-Food Journal

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