Teami® Colon Cleanse Detox Tea – 15 Tea Bags, 30 Day Supply (Lemon)

Ever feel like you need to press the reset button on your body? We believe that MAINTAINING A HEALTHY GUT IS VITAL in living your happiest, healthiest life! TOXINS EXIST ALL AROUND US - in processed foods, carbonated drinks, pollution and free radicals that we are exposed to daily. Doing an ALL-NATURAL CLEANSE is great way to give your gut the love, attention and detox it deserves!  Traditionally, colon tea cleanses have been used because they are GENTLE, SIMPLE and 100% All-Natural! Our night time colon cleanse is one of our BEST-SELLING blends to give your body the restoration it needs!*  - Rhubarb Root: A natural botanical to AID IN DIGESTION, we added rhubarb root to our cleansing blend as it is GENTLE ON THE STOMACH :)*  - Hawthorn Berry Extract: Hawthorn berry extract helps PROTECT FROM THE INSIDE OUT*  - Lotus Leaf: The powerful lotus plant has been used in East and Southeast Asian for centuries for its many benefits!  Blends you can trust! We use premium HAND-SELECTED tea leaves to create our stunning blends - each targeted to help you live a healthier lifestyle!  15 servings per bag. 30 Day Supply when taken every other night as prescribed.

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