Natural Balance

Natural Balance – Ultra Diet Pep 2000 60 Capsules

Curb Your Appetite Reducing food intake is important to your weight loss program. Ultra Diet Pep 2000 contains citrin and dynachrome chromium to help suppress your appetite for calorie-dense foods (fats and sugars) and curb your desire for between-meal snacks. Block new fat production. The citrin in Ultra Diet Pep 2000 is clinically proven to inhibit new fat …

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Natural Balance Diet Pep 120 Count

Diet Pep is the original thermogenic, ephedra-free formula that keeps men and women energized, while helping to reduce appetite and burn fat. This balanced herbal blend gives your diet a jump start by making it easier to begin exercising and eating sensible meals, important to any weight loss …

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Natural Balance Chitosan Capsules, 120 Count

New LipoSan Ultra from Natural Balance has been shown in some studies to bind more fat than other types of chitosan. This effectively reduces the amount of fat and calories you absorb. taken before meals, this fast-acting Chitosan is a helpful addition to your weight management program, especially when you eat sensible emals and increase your activity …

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