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Beans! Peas and Lentils

Beans, peas and lentils are tasty, colourful, nutritious and versatile ingredients. Enjoyed by people around the globe for centuries, they make wonderful soups, appetizers, main dishes and even baked goods. Not only are they rich in proteins and an alternative to meat, but also they are very low in fat. There is an increasing emphasis on legumes as …

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Cooking with Superfoods

You may be unaware of this, but you are actually using some superfoods in your everyday cooking: avocados, spinach, blueberries, pomegranates or lemons are among the most common superfoods, but did you know that cacao, dates or chickpeas belong to the same category? Superfoods are not simply tasty, they deliver a wealth of health benefits: anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins …

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Global Spices for Everyday Cooking

Spices can transform a meal into a feast for the palates, and add surprising flavors to your dishes. This richly illustrated handbook provides a wealth of knowledge about spices, their cultivation, their storage, and how to use them when cooking. Sorted by their different flavor notes, from mild and harmonic to spicy, the spices are each presented in …

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