Sugar + Stress = Sick: Kick the Sugar Addiction and Reduce Stress For A Healthy Lifestyle

Do you feel stuck on a food treadmill—your health going nowhere? Are you just going through the motions, gaining symptoms and pounds instead of energy and resilience? Does an endless cycle of stress and comfort food seem to follow you, and even know your address? In Sugar + Stress = Sick, health coach and cognitive specialist Jean Morrison talks straight about why a SAD (Standard American Diet) combined with chronic stress contribute to disease and loss of control, and how to get back in the driver’s seat toward a longer, healthier life. A 5th Degree Black Belt honored as LA County Woman of the Year, Jean shares how she went from being told she’d die in three months without 5 lifetime medications to living medication free thru clean eating and stress reduction. Through easy-to-follow explanations and tons of motivation, she shows the way to anyone who has lost hope for true health and happiness—and is trying to figure out why. In these pages you’ll discover: >>> How to gain energy instead of weight >>> How sugar and stress become disease >>> Why clean eating helps protect inner peace >>> How people who “eat life well” can reduce doctor visits >>> Why it makes sense to reduce sugar and stress together, and how to do it You can put the power to heal back in your hands, but only if you grab the right ingredients. If you want to put sugar and stress in their place but don’t know how, this book is for you. >>>>>> ============ > ============

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